Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Ahmad Haidar gets his muscles rubbed by another bodybuilder

Imagine this, two pumped-up IFBB pro-bodybuilders bulging out of their posing straps, rubbing each other down in oil, then posing side by side for your pleasure. Actually, why bother imagining it when you can watch the scene for real below! Ahmad Haidar is awesome in the clip, his muscled abs look hot.

Friday, 18 May 2007

Muscle up your desktop with Nasser

If you fancy something huge and rippling on your desktop, you can't go wrong with this free Nasser el Sonbaty desktop wallpaper!

Few people realise, Nasser can speak seven languages fluently... but here at Queermuscles, we're more interested in the size of those broad muscled shoulders and awesome biceps of his.

To download the free wallpaper, left click on the image, wait til it downloads, then right click on it and select set as desktop background. Then sit back and watch Nasser's pumped-up mass on your Windows background!

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Top Jay Cutler photo

Today I decided to pick out possibly my favourite photo of Jay Cutler... ever! It was a tough job choosing this one (an enjoyable job too, as you can imagine) but I think this is my favourite of all time.
I guess I just like the way that Jay's bulging pecs are poking out through his top, one nipple hanging out. It's also a great shot of his biceps glistening as he works out, veins running down them. Jay's muscles are awesome!

Top muscleworship blog

As any serious muscle-worshipper will know, muscleboy is probably the best free muscle-worship blog on the internet! Check it out for free pictures of muscle-bound guys. The videos are also worth checking out. Recently posted videos include a great one of Sagi playing with his enormous pecs. Enough to please any serious muscle worshipper!