Thursday, 20 August 2009


One of my favourite types of huge muscled guys are those with a truly broad set of pecs on them. So today's post is dedicated to some really wideboys, guys with chests which are truly awesome.

What gets me about this image of Coleman is how awesome and wide his chest is. His arms are pulling back and those huge pecs are sticking out so broad. I can't imagine how he ever squeezes that pair into a t-shirt.
This post of Tarek shows just how wide his pecs are, with large dark nipples pointing down on either side. And once you're done with the awesome chest, you've got those veiny biceps to play with as well.
Even from the side, you can still see how broad Mousawi's chest is, and how wide his biceps are. Even though he appears to be squeezing them together, his muscletits literally point in different directions.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Perfect for suckling on

I've been on holiday for the last three weeks so there hasn't been much happening on Queermuscles. But I'm back now and back on the hunt for muscletits. Thanks to blog readers who mailed me while I was away and sent some hot muscle photos, I'm going to post some of them here today.

First, a Queermuscles favourite - Eduardo Correa. The reason why I like this particular image is not just because you can see how dark and big Correa's nipples are. It's because you can really appreciate how heavy those slabs of pec meat are, by the way his nipples point downwards.

This photo is also pretty horny. Sometimes the best muscletit photos are ones where the guy is actually wearing a shirt. In this case, there is the best of both worlds. It's like he's wearing a vest, but he's stretched it to one side to get his musclebreast out ready for suckling on. So hot.

I came (literally) across this photo today while browsing some of my favourite muscle sites. He reminds me of a guy I saw on holiday, who was also very heavy in the tit department. In this case, he is just about showing a glimpse of nipple, but the real attraction is that you can see how deep his cleavage is.
Talking of deep cleavage, check out this photo. Okay I have to admit that this is one of my favourite bodybuilding poses, as the guy shows off the size of his biceps as well as squeezing his tits together. I could definitely suckle on that pair for a long time.