Thursday, 4 November 2010

Awesome muscle tit cleavage

For some reason, Eduardo Correa's muscletits look even bigger from below. In this shot, his tits are so big, they hang down like heavy slabs, with the nipples pointing at the ground. Looking at this photo, you can check out how large and stretched his nips are across the tip of his pecs.
A new shot of Alexey here... this follows on quite nicely from Eduardo's photo. In this shot, you can get a good sense of how big and heavy Alexey's pecs are. He looks like he has some awesome muscle tit cleavage there, just imagine how they would bulge if he was to squeeze them together. That's not to mention the massive overstretched nipples on the end of them.Finally, we don't have to imagine what Tarek's muscle cleavage looks like, because here he is, showing it off. Love the sheer size of his muscle pecs, and his biceps pressed against them. His pecs look pumped and round, pushed hard together.