Friday, 27 April 2007

Luke Wood desktop wallpaper

I posted on my favourite Australian muscleman, Lee Priest, a few days ago. Today I thought it was time to put something on Queermuscles about my second favourite... Luke Wood. Luke is relatively new to the scene, and if this photo of him is anything to go by, he's got plenty of time to get even more huge. I had to make desktop wallpaper with this one. Just love that side-on shot which allows you to see how bulging his biceps are and how thick his pecs are. They hang so heavy, he looks awesome. And just look at the size of his massive legs! Feel free to take this desktop wallpaper of course... enjoy!


Msclicious webmaster said...

Cool muscle blog guy!! I've added it in my blog too. Thanks and keep posting HUGE guys!!

queermuscles said...

Thanks man :) I intend to do so :)

Lanaya said...

Well written article.

Anonymous said...

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