Monday, 30 April 2007

New Stewart Bergstein wallpaper - free!

Last week I put up a free desktop wallpaper featuring Stewart Bergstein and it's had a lot of interest, with many muscle fans downloading it. By way of a follow-up, here's another Stewart Bergstein wallpaper, this time he is showing a bit more of his awesome big muscles. I love the way he is quite relaxed in the photo and yet there is still a huge vein running down one of his biceps.
To get the wallpaper, left click on it, wait til it downloads, then right-click on the image, select 'set as desktop background'. Sit back and enjoy checking out his bulging muscles and big package.

Sunday, 29 April 2007

Ralph Garcia... what a hulk

Today I had a look at the musclelicious blog today, where there are some great off-season photos of Ralph Garcia. That guy is absolutely gigantic. I'd forgotten how much I liked him. Problem is, there aren't all that many photos of Ralph Garcia around. Does anyone out there have any? Here is my current favourite image of him. Again... I can't get enough of those side-on poses! Just look at the vein running down his bicep here. Absolutely pumped to bursting, his pecs and biceps rippling all over. This guy is huge.

Massive muscles, who is he?

Time for some fresh new muscles on the site today. Just look at the swollen pecs and shoulders of this guy, his huge muscles sweating from a workout. This is without doubt my favourite muscle pose, I love seeing Jay Cutler and Markus Ruhl do it.
Unfortunately, I don't know who this massive guy is. Can anybody identify him? He's so huge, there must be other photos of him out there.

Friday, 27 April 2007

Luke Wood desktop wallpaper

I posted on my favourite Australian muscleman, Lee Priest, a few days ago. Today I thought it was time to put something on Queermuscles about my second favourite... Luke Wood. Luke is relatively new to the scene, and if this photo of him is anything to go by, he's got plenty of time to get even more huge. I had to make desktop wallpaper with this one. Just love that side-on shot which allows you to see how bulging his biceps are and how thick his pecs are. They hang so heavy, he looks awesome. And just look at the size of his massive legs! Feel free to take this desktop wallpaper of course... enjoy!

Jay Cutler looking freaky

Queermuscles has been up and running for a few days now, and I still haven't had a chance to mention the massive size of Jay Cutler. Time to put that right now. A couple of years back, almost the first bodybuilder DVD I bought was New, improved and beyond, kind of like a video diary of Jay through his training sessions. If you haven't already seen the video footage, here are some captures from my favourite scene, which is the first one on the DVD.

Jay goes for a work-out session in the gym. He starts out in a tight yellow vest, working his rippling biceps, but very soon, his muscle shirt proves too restrictive and he pulls it off to reveal his huge, pumped torso.

Jay works out his pecs for a while, it's great to watch them getting more and more pumped as the scene goes on. Then he tries to do some posing for the camera, as you can see here. At one point he stops and tells us that his chest is too pumped up to pose. Is this possible, I wonder? Because from where I'm sitting, he's doing a great job and the bigger the better.

Having watched this scene a few times, I can recommend it. As for the rest of the DVD, I can't really help you with that, cos I'm usually done by this point.

Thursday, 26 April 2007

Stewart Bergstein bursting out of his shirt

More free muscleman desktop wallpaper here. I love this photo of Stewart Bergstein, with one of his pecs just poking out of that shirt. He looks so big here, with his nipple pointing almost down on that massive pec. Even though he looks relaxed, the veins in his arms still look like they're about to pop at any moment, as soon as he flexes those giant guns. Feel free to download it for your desktop and stare at that awesome size as much as you want!
Left click on picture, wait til it downloads, right click on it, select 'set as background'.

Pec bouncing

Nothing beats the sight of a huge pair of pecs being bounced. My first interest in muscles grew out of looking at photos in Flex magazine. But the first time I saw muscles on video was amazing. I love the way they ripple, bounce and hang. Check out this video of Brad Hollibaugh, possibly the best pec bouncing clip I have ever seen.

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Worshipping Lee Priest's enormous arms

I felt it was appropriate to make Lee Priest the subject of one of the first blog posts here, given that he was one of my first discoveries in the first issue of Flex I bought as a teenager and have been a fan ever since. For some reason, when I bought that issue of Flex and got it home, I couldn't stop looking at the sheer size and awesome bulge of those muscles. Although he's pretty short, Lee has a couple of very redeeming features, the most impressive of which are his huge arms, which you can see here. In fact, those arms are more than 21 inches in size and look great when pumped and flexed. The best thing about Lee's giant biceps is not just the size though. When he's been pumping up, his biceps are covered in freaky veins. Just look at them bulging here. I love that freaky look. Photos of those massive guns helped get me through my teen years! They still look as great today.

Lee is one of the few pro bodybuilders to get tattoos. As a rule, tattoos don't always look great, but there's something horny about tattoos stretched across bulging biceps which make them look even more impressive.

Official Queermuscles wallpaper!

Show your dedication to men of huge muscles with this free, official Queermuscles wallpaper! I can't think of a better excuse to stare at PJ Braun in a pink posing brief! What a great way of remembering the website address too (if you can take your eyes off his bulging pecs!)

Greg Jones desktop wallpaper!

There's something about a bodybuilder wearing a tight top which is incredibly horny. I guess it's just the way it gets stretched over his enormous pecs. Take a look at what I mean by downloading this free Greg Jones wallpaper! Left click on the image, wait til it downloads, right click on it, select 'set as desktop background'. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Free PJ Braun desktop wallpaper!

At last, queermuscles is up and running! In the coming weeks, this site will feature the most enormous, freakiest bodybuilding musclemen on the planet. Check here for photos and videos of all the biggest guys. Bodybuilding fans of any kind are welcome here, just be aware that this site is mainly for us gay guys who like to see bulging muscles. And to celebrate the opening of the site, why not download this free PJ Braun wallpaper for your desktop? I can't imagine anything better than staring at those massive biceps and pecs on your desktop every day. All desktop wallpapers on queermuscles are designed exclusively so you won't find them anywhere else. Many more like this to come!

Simply left-click on the image, wait for it to download, then right-click on it and select 'set as desktop background'.

Monday, 23 April 2007

Almost ready for launch!

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