Friday, 5 September 2008

Enormous, brawny Jeff Long

Look at the bulging muscles on show here! Jeff Long is huge and vascular and for some reason, seeing him posing without a tan makes him look even bigger. Check out the website, well worth signing up to for more hot muscle videos!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Big, pumped muscles are always hot. But they are even hotter when the muscleman has been pumping them up so hard, his veins are almost poopping out. Look at Oleg Nauros here. His bicep and forearm are covered with bulging veins.

In this photo, Dennis James looks almost too pumped to pose, his shirt stretched over those enormous pecs. And look at the pumped veins snaking down his bicep and forearm. So hot.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Popping out of their clothes

As hot as it is to see bodybuilders with their giant muscles out, sometimes it's even hotter when musclemen leave (some) clothes on. Here's some proof of this point. Take PJ Braun. His ultra tight t-shirt clings to every inch of those huge pecs and you can see his nipples poking through too. Tarek Elsatouhi gives us the best of both worlds here, wearing a hot vest. Look at those nipples underneath. Check how his huge legs bulge out of those denim shorts too... must have been a hard job squeezing them on in the first place. Sometimes the clothes don't even need to be tight to look good. Check out this, his training vest so loose his muscles are just hanging out. For awesome size, you can't beat this photo of Ronnie. Look at his gigantic pecs bursting out of that training top. And one of the hottest things about this photo is his nipple, poking out of the side there. Unbelievable.