Saturday, 20 March 2010

Show us your cleavage

Today's post is dedicated to the awesome sight of muscleguys squeezing their tits together to show off their cleavage. Eduardo Correa gets us started, celebrating his victory in round 2 by squeezing his pecs together to show us exactly how deep that cleavage of his is.
This muscled guy has plump, round pair of pec tits. Love the way those oversized biceps of his are squeezed against his bulging chest.

Ok, his pecs are not quite as big as the other musclemen here, but those hard nipples peeping over his biceps more than make up for it.

Ali relaxes his muscletits but leaving them hanging like that just shows off that massive cleavage crack of his.

Armon Adibi shows us what it looks like when he has pumped his pecs and squeezes them together. Two awesome huge mounds of muscle framed with those veiny, powerful biceps.