Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Lee and his bulging biceps

The first time I realised I was into seriously huge muscles was when I bought a copy of Muscle & Fitness as a teenager. The guy on the front was toned, but not exactly bulging. I had no idea what I would find inside it. Flicking through it, I found a photo of Lee Priest and I couldn't stop staring. I couldn't believe the awesome size of his biceps and the heavy look of his pecs hanging down. After I finished, I knew the really big guys were the best. Since then, Lee has always been one of my favourite bodybuilders. In honour of that discovery, here's one of the hottest videos of Lee. I love the way his bulging muscles look so tight inside that blue vest, and when he's working out, his pecs and nipples poke out of it.

Another awesome photo of Lee. I love the way his biceps and pecs are so pumped up, you can see the veins running across them. The tattoos also draw attention to how huge his his muscles really are.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Pumped Veins

There's something really hot about a bodybuilder whose muscles are so pumped up, his veins are truly bulging. Check out these four examples.

Lee Priest shows us his enormous arms pumped to bursting size. Look at the way the veins are snaking across them.

I love the way that huge pumped vein runs right the way down Frank McGrath's enormous bicep.

Even a training vest isn't enough to hide the mass of pumped veins on Dennis James.

But let's check out a photo minus the vest so we can see the awesome size of those pecs too.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Get your muscletits out for the lads

Even lying on his back, this guy's pecs are like moutains.

Branch Warren has awesome pecs. Here you can see how big they are. I love the way they hang down with the nipples on the end of them.

There are two things I like about Algis Kil- ciauskas. Both of them have a big nipple on the end of them. I love the way his heavy pecs are relaxed here but you can still see the veins rippling down his arms.

This guy has a great set of muscle tits. I particularly like his dark nipples which have a really awesome size.