Thursday, 18 February 2010

Battle of the muscle cleavage round 2

So, Zoltan Voros has won round 1, which turned out to be a little closer than it looked at first. But let's take a look and see who is competing in round 2.

Eduardo Correa
Eduardo gets round 2 off to a smooth start by loosening his robe, which falls away to reveal a glimpse of those heavy man breasts of his, and a flash of his overstretched nipple.
Eduardo slips out of his robe and lets his tits hang loose for all to see. Love the way his nipples are so hugely overstretched, they take up the whole end point of his pec.

Finally, Eduardo eases back and pushes those awesome muscle tits straight at the camera. They jut out so much, they really cast an awesome shadow. But don't make your mind up quite yet, here comes contender 2.
Fouad Abiad

Fouad's big muscletits look pumped to bursting point here as he gets started. Love the way his left bicep is also amazingly huge.
Fouad leans back to show us exactly how deep that tit cleavage is. Just look at how deep the valley between his pecs is. Man, there is so much space between his tits, anything is possible.

Fouad finishes up with another moody pose. If those tits get any bigger, we'll have to live them up to find the nipples.