Monday, 6 July 2009

Russian muscle tits

Check this out. Aleksej Lesukov does a chest work out. His tits look awesome. Love the way he warms up by bouncing them around a bit. His deep cleavage is unbelievable. Big thick nipples too.

And if the video wasn't enough for you, check out this photo of Andrej. He has the most suckable pair of man tits I've seen in a long time.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Four big guys

I am mesmerised by this muscleman's awesome set of pecs. He may not have the hugest body overall, but the way his man tits stick out is awesome. They hang out like a bookshelf on a wall.

Continuing the theme of huge, hanging pecs, this photo is impressive because of the angle of those huge pecs hanging down. They look like two vast slabs of muscle hanging over his defined abs. His nipples look pumped and ready too.

I chose this image because it's one of my favourite muscle poses. Love it when the big guys pose like this, you get to see both the width of their pecs and the size of their pecs. In this case, his chest is so broad, it's awesome.

Okay, he's not the best looking, but there's something about this image that I love. I think it's the way he's pulled his vest up and stuck it between his pecs, so that those awesome tits can hang out either side. Perfect position for sucking on.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Poll result says we love sucking on muscle tits

So, the results of the poll are in and it's a clear verdict: readers of this blog love getting to suck on a nice pair of muscle tits. So, to celebrate this resounding poll result, here are some images of bulging muscle tits which would be awesome to suckle on.

Take these for example. This guy has muscle and is really built, but he's relaxing enough for those big muscle pecs to hang down on his stomach. Perfect for sucking on.

Correa's muscle tits on the left here are also just ready for sucking on. I love the way his huge biceps are relaxed and yet you can see his pumped vein running down one side of them. Then in front, his huge, heavy pec tits are hanging with such huge nipples on. Hours of sucking action could be had there.

Here Karim Moraib looks huge, tanned and muscular. In this case, his tits are hanging right down, love the way they are pointing to the floor. My only problem here would be deciding whether to suck on the left or right first.

A new poll will open soon! Thanks to all who voted.

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