Monday, 4 January 2010

Battle of the muscle cleavage round 1

One thing I like about musclemen with huge pec tits is the way they have such awesome deep cleavage when they're pumped up. It's hard to choose which muscleman has the biggest and best cleavage, so I'm starting a poll to find out. In each round, two big muscle breasted guys will show off their cleavage and then blog visitors can vote for their favourite. The winner goes through to the next round.

Take a look at the contestants in Round 1 and compare their massive pec cleavage, then cast a vote in the Round 1 poll for the one you would rather bury your face in. It's a tough choice.

Round 1: Zoltan Voros vs Tarek Elsetouhi

Zoltan gets round one off to a bulging start by leaning forward and squeezing those big titty pecs together in a loose vest. Love the way his cleavage is big enough to throw a shadow across his pec.

A closer look from the side shows just how loose that vest is across his ample muscle cleavage. Enough room to reach in and give those muscle tits a good squeezing.

Zoltan finally takes that shirt off and lets us take a look right down his bulging muscle cleavage, framed with those huge biceps. What an awesome sight to enjoy. But don't make your mind up yet, because here comes contender two.

Tarek gets started by pulling his top up to reveal his broad chest and dark nipples.

Those broad pecs look even better when Tarek folds his arms and squeezes his tit cleavage together for show. Love the way his left nipple is left hanging just over his arm, ready for suckling on.

And if there was any doubt about just how deep that heavy muscle breast cleavage is, Tarek answers by squeezing those awesome pec tits together and letting them hang down. More than enough room between there for his weight training equipment. In fact, there's more than enough room between his cleavage for all manner of things.

If you'd like to see a particular muscleman in the next round, it's easy: mail me three pics of your choice, showing the muscle guy and especially his cleavage.