Friday, 6 March 2009

Get your muscletits out for the lads

Even lying on his back, this guy's pecs are like moutains.

Branch Warren has awesome pecs. Here you can see how big they are. I love the way they hang down with the nipples on the end of them.

There are two things I like about Algis Kil- ciauskas. Both of them have a big nipple on the end of them. I love the way his heavy pecs are relaxed here but you can still see the veins rippling down his arms.

This guy has a great set of muscle tits. I particularly like his dark nipples which have a really awesome size.


Anonymous said...

this what a call an hot selection of muscle tits!!!! no 3 and no 4 have just an obscene set of tits on display!!! those huge slabs and fat round nipples!!!

Oh I want them in my mouth now!!!

Anonymous said...

That last guy is Paul Krueger, who has a very interesting posing routine (and suit):

Anonymous said...

yeahhh!!! Paul krueger is just the perfect beefy muscle slut... First of all notice how that big bulge swings inside those thin fabric posers... its almost as if it was not covered... I bet I would love to pose naked with his schlong swinging aorund! Then just look how he obscenely bounces his huge tits for the crowd.
Now take a look at this other video of the same posing routine:

Those are not posers.... that a slutty stripper gstring and he bounces his glutes for everyone to see!!! yeahhh that's it!!! Show that hot big piece of hungry ass to the world boy! Take all your clothes off and get naked for everyone to see!!! That's how he should be all the time! Naked and exposed! And to finish this great moment he walks back into backstage like a moron muscle mountain that can't walk normaly... it's just too perfect!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree about paul krueger!!! He has got some really massive slabs of muscle on his chest!!! Two huge hot and perfect muscle tits! Would love to have him wearing a minuscule thong and dancing obscenely in my living room performing some muscle entertaining for me and a couple of friends!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

No 1 is Mark Lamorie.